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By Job M Magondu (Director Training and Certification)

The project team will be more motivated with a clear idea of what they are meant to be doing together with unambiguous knowledge of the projects deliverables. The establishment of clear procedures will help in this area. In general, personnel like to be given the tools to get on with the job with little interference, Covid 19 Should not Stop KAPM to empower project professionals. Empowered teams are more effective than disempowered ones. An empowered team is one in which decision-making and responsibility has been pushed down as far as possible. When a team is empowered, they take more accountability for the outcomes they must produce. In addition, empowerment allows the team to share the burden of the project with the project leader. KAPM launched this virtual training program to make sure the people on the team have the skills and knowledge to get the job done.

KAPM is registered with National Industrial Training Authority under caps 237 laws of Kenya as training providers of management and supervisory courses basically in project management.

Project professionals need to understand that the Success in any industry requires expert knowledge. Best practices shift and adjust in any industry; the continuing education and training market is no different. KAPM trainers aim to deliver a training based on the need of trainee industrial needs.


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